Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I m Diamond. -_-"

I listened to this song several times and seriously the meaning is... hmm... you read lah on your own! I m addicted! Go Salmah (as what Tok Pah said!)

Penyanyi : Salma Mentor 5
Mentor : Erra Fazira
Lagu : Aku Permata
Komposer : Taja ( Meet Uncle Hussain )

Lirik lagu Aku Permata – Salma Mentor 5

Terdampar jauh dihempas badai kuhanyut
Hati merintih terkunci mulut membisu
Perjalanan yang jauh bagai tiada sudahnya
Liku ranjau kutempuh dalam mencari jawapan

Di sudut kecil hatiku sering berkata
Apa yg terjadi ada hikmah sebaliknya
Kuberanikan diri menongkah arus yang deras
Demi hari esok ku relakan

Walau tiada tangan menghulur
Kan ku tetap berdiri teguh ku bangkit semula
Tuhan, hanya engkau mengerti
Perjalanan hidup seorang insan

Kini ku jauh memetik bintang di langit
Berakhir musim dingin kini mekar bunga indah
Tinggallah memori terpahat di dalam dada
Terjawab sudah segalanya

Aku hanya ingin merasa
Kemanisan hidup di dunia yang kudambakan
Tuhan hanya engkau mengerti
Perjalanan hidup seorang insan

Walau tiada tangan menghulur
Kan ku tetap berdiri teguh
Ku bangkit semula
Hanya titipkanlah doa
Agar permataku terus bersinar

Agar permataku terus bersinar

Durian oh Durian!

Read this Article and you will see how Durian is TOTALLY HUGE in China! I mean.. people are willing to pay a lot just wanna have durian. While I, on the other hand cant really take em. huhu.. Read on. Courtesy Yahoo news!

..Kuala Lumpur (The Star/ANN) - I am getting a bit worried about the fate of the King of Fruits in Malaysia. Imagine, if only a fraction of the 1.3 billion people in China decide that they prefer durians over mandarin oranges, will there be any left over for us back home?

I reckon that Uncle Donald in SS2, and many others who tempt us with varieties ranging from the Kim Hoo to the Ang Sim, the Hor Loh to the Ang Heh, and also seedless types named after certain politicians, must now be looking at new marketing strategies.

Will they still want to offer us the "All you can eat for RM10" or "Eat Till You Drop" packages when a bigger market is now ready and open?

Over the past few months, Chinese officials have reportedly been sniffing around Malaysia's durian plantations to check on our food safety standards. And we have passed the test.

So when Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao visited Kuala Lumpur at the end of April, he formally agreed to allow the entry of Malaysian durians into mainland China.

We are very happy, of course, and our government even sent a gift of 200 frozen durians to Wen to express our thanks. Nice gesture.

And now it is left to our planters and entrepreneurs to take up the challenge. But I do hope they will not forget the domestic market.

It's tough enough that we lose some of our best durians to our neighbour down south but can we withstand a sudden rise in demand from the Chinese? Will we be left only with the kampung (village) durian while the branded ones are exclusively for export?

After all, we are all familiar with the story of how Macau's Gambling King, Stanley Ho, recently sent his private jet to collect 88 durians from Singapore.

Ho spent approximately 4,800 ringgit (US$1,585) on the fruit which he bought from the 818 Durian Stall in the city-state though we can safely assume that the fruit, the Musang King variety, came from Malaysia.

It works out to 50 ringgit per fruit, not counting the transport costs. I guess this is really small change to the super-duper rich.
Ho didn't eat it all but reportedly shared the bounty with his good buddy, Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-Shing.

Interestingly enough, a recent Forbes survey shows China now has the second most number of billionaires in the world, after the United States.

According to Forbes, China is home to 64 of the world's 937 wealthiest people, but various estimates put the actual number of billionaires at between 400 and 500. What if all of them want to eat durians?

We all know that the King of Fruits is not something that only the very rich can afford. In fact, it is very much the common man's fruit, so can you imagine how big the demand will be if the ordinary Chinese suddenly realise that when it comes to durian, only the Malaysian variety is the real thing?

Our neighbours up north will have a tough fight on their hands, having monopolised the market in mainland China all these years.

According to an Associated Press report, Thailand has dominated the durian trade for more than three decades. It shipped about 138,000 tons of durians worth nearly US$70mil last year to mainland China, which bought nearly 60% of Thailand's global durian exports, according to UN trade statistics.

Malaysia, according to Fama (Federal Agriculture Marketing Authority), produces about 330,000 tons of durians a year, mainly for domestic consumption.

How much of that will now be exported is anybody's guess. But, hopefully, any fight to control the China market will not get prickly or raise a stink.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Terrible night... Last night!

After kena marah last night, I was thinking of going to bed and sleep since Dr asked me to have a rest. I went to see the doctor because I have been coughing for nearly a month. That doctor said that I should be admitted to the hospital if the condition persist. Then he prescribed me some medication. I dont want this thing to get worse as I need to drive for long hours very soon. So I dont want to be coughing while driving.

Then, around 9 pm, as I was getting ready to go to bed, my stomach began to rumble. Actually, i felt weird since 7pm. But I thought it was just a minor discomfort. Then, OMG, I couldnt sleep last night since I kept on visiting the loo. This morning, went to the doctor again, and he gave me an MC. Wuhuhuuu! thinking of going back home and continue on sleeping, but I cant! Many works need to be done. So here I am, in the office... even though I got an MC. huhu.

Terrible night eh? lepas kena marah, nak tido tak boleh, cirit birit, sakit perut, sampai pagi ni! huh! what a terrible night! hmm...

Lesson to be learned... dont take mamee for lunch! huhu. T_T

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gosh! What have I done??? Y_Y

I have to finish writing a book which is due NEXT WEEK.. but here I am changing the layout and design of my blog! It'a almost 3 PM and I havent start working on my book! I m doomed!

It's payday, but I need to save up some money. need to go somewhere and need to buy somethings. Hoping that I would have enough 'funding'. huhu

hmm... still coughing and didnt manage to sleep well last night due to the cough.

It's raining and I m thinking of being an active blogger once more. To do that I need a constant lappy which can be on and off in a jiffy. I have an eye on a gadget. But not sure when I will make it mine. huagh!!!! MONEY---------- DATANGLAH!!!!!!

10 things I hate!

1. Workin'!

2. Looking at my full bank account (I mean full of transactions... and the balance is nil.. huhu)

3. Scars! Argh!!!

4. ..........LIARS!

5. People think -ve of me!

6. Feeling l...o...n...e...l...y...!

7. People who don't appreciate what I have done and never thank me!

8. Pretentous people! you guys PLEASE JUST GO TO HELL! Shuh! Shuh!

9. People keep on asking me when I m gonna get married and why I m still single! WTF? I rule my own life so.. just be it lah! It is not that I dont want to get married, but it is difficult to be MR Z ok! So stop asking!

10. People that I love@care don't treat me nicely! enuff said! (I put it in a harsh way just now, but I deleted it! Y_Y)

Hohoho! That was easy! I took less than 30 seconds to type all these. And actually I can continue more and more and more and more.. but.. its ok! I dont want things to turn ugly! .. lalala

To those yang terasa ke apa ke, sorry k. *We should tell the truth even though truth hurts! i hope i can win somebody's heart since I m telling the truth! lalalalala! :P huhu. *Gotcha!!

ps: Whatever the thing is, I still love you even though you put me in your 10 things I hate list. T_T

Monday, May 23, 2011

What Do I Have In My Playlist? ~My Top 10 Fav Songs (in many categories)

10 Current Fav Songs. (not in any particular order)

1. Insyallah- Maher Zin (When I feel down, or hurt, this song will sooth me!)

2. Beribu Sesalan - Ning, Shila, Jac (Just like it no obvious reason)

3. Sedetik Lebih - Anuar Zain (I love the orchestra)

4. Kisah Hati - Alyah (Love the Video So Much)

5. Talking to The Moon - Bruno Mars (Please refer to to 9 Songs..... below)

6. Jars of Heart - Christina Perry (I'm hurt.. everyday!)

7. Forever in My Life - JOjo - (This is the first song my bro gives to me and it remains my fav since then. TQ bro)

8. Mengenangmu - Ning, Shila, Jac (Its about a great lost - This refers to my late mum. Mak love u forever)

9. Come Home - One Republic - (I will listen to this song when I miss my buddy so much.)

10. Thank You Allah - Maher Zin (the title tells it all)

9 Songs Which Make Me Recall My Past Love lifes. (I dont have to elaborate further T_T)

1. Almost Lover - A Fine Frenzy

2. Kekasih Gelapku - Ungu

3. Kau Tercipta Untukku - Ungu

4. Can's Smile Without You - Barry Manilow

5. Cinta Ini Membunuhku - Ungu

6. Always on My Mind - Willie Nelson

7. Talking to The Moon - Bruno Mars

8. Lelaki Ini - Anuar Zain

9. Fall For You - Secondhand Serenade

8 Songs Which I listen to when I'm Angry or Working Out!

1. I Dont Love You - MCR

2. I'm Not Ok - MCR

3. What Goes Around - Alesana

4. So What - Pink

5. Memories - Guetta

6. Mr. Brightside- Blink 182

7. Bad Romance - Gaga

8. Beggin - Madcon

7 Songs Which I Like for Various Reasons

1. Empty- The Click 5

2. Blurry - Puddle of Mud

3. Never Knew I Needed - Ne-Yo

4. Lagu Untukmu - Meet Uncle Hussein ( My Fav Melalak Song too!)

5. Memori Tercipta- Shila

6. Malam- M.Nasir (So poetic!)

7. Perpisahan - Anuar Zain ( I hate saying goodbye!)

6 Songs which are so inspirational... well at least to me

1. Ku Ada Kamu - Adira

2. Stay The Same - Joey Mcintyre

3. Raise Me Up- Josh Groban

4. Open Your Eyes - Maher Zin

5. Forgive When I Whine - (I cant recal its singer. Its a very beautiful poem)

6. Gemilang - Jac

5 Songs which I dedicate to all my Friends and My lil B.

1. Teman Terulung - Anuar Zain

2. Teman - Jac, Shila, Ning

3. Happy Together - Beatles (but like Simple Plan's version better)

4. Ku Ada Kamu - Adira

5. 1, 2, 3, 4 -Plain White T's

4 Faizal Tahir's Songs Which I like

1. Hanyut

2. Sampai Syurga

3. Kasih Tercipta

4. Selamat Malam

3 Fav Songs which I use as ringtones now.

1. More - Usher

2. Pieces - Sum 41

3. God Got Us Falling In Love Again - Usher

2 Songs that I dedicate to my Bro yg Kijam.

(which I hope will accompany him go through his tough life and make him know that he is special in every way!... and he is not alone!)

1. Hold On - Michael Buble

2. Count On Me - Bruno Mars

1 song which is my life theme song.

1. My Way - Sinatra

thank you! hoho

Friday, May 20, 2011

10 things I love

1. I love myself.

2. I love my late mom.

3. I love money!

4. I love food.

5. I love Sydney.

6. I love expensive things.. Bling bling!!!

7. I love movies.

8. I love food!

9. I love texting.


10. I love YOU! Hua hua hua!

10 things about me

1. I have 6 senses... Its for real!!

2. I love buying things for myself.. even though I dont really need them. ^_^

3. My current hobby is sleeping...

4. I hate liars. Enuff said!

5. Love to write and tell stories, but dont have time to really record them all.

6. I am a workaholic... that is why I have so many works to do.

7. Love to travel and driving.... love Miss V A LOT!

8. Love food ! FOOD! FOOD!

9. I love challenges


10. I have 1 younger brother.... yang kejam T_T

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I should be dancing! huhu ^_^

Last night, I watched Showdown 2011 again! Gosh! I m not really interested in watching their battle, but I m more interested in watching how they display their talents, I mean during individual group performance. To date I have 2 fav crews. They are:

and ....

I really wanna watch these 2 crews battle it out till the end! They are so creative and cool!

the rest.. just ok ok only!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Droooling... Salivating....

GOSH! Om EM GEE! I m so damn busy! but at the same time I M TOTALLY BORED!!!!

Need a change! MUST do something!

Kodek2 intenet kejap... tadaaaa!!!

My new wish list! huhu!!!!

I do hope this thing will make me happier... while doing my work, I can fondle-fondle this thing! wooooo!!!! so stimulating! So ghairah!!! woooooo....~

Its ICONIA bebeh!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

When I said BZ... I mean it!

Haloo.. am Back!

Last week I went to Poli Perlis. trust me the place is so serene. but the service there sucks. BIG TIME! I was there for 4 days. Basically, nothing much can be done there. There was a swimming pool, but I didnt have the mood to swim in it since I was the speaker. So Image kena jaga beb. So i didnt even go near it.

Ok.. bout the service! Yup! the organiser sucked! They didnt know how to treat their guests. From 5 stars, I will definitely give 1 star!

I was hoping to have great time there, but I didnot since Che Mat went back to Kelantan. Tried contacting Peon, but till the last day, didnt manage to meet him. He was busy with something. But definitely I had enough rest at night. I slept early. During the day, I was busy conducting the sessions, at night.. apa lagi! ZZZZZZ la. huhu.

I went to Pasar Malam Pauh. Tried pulut ayam, nasi beringin, ketam celup tepung, udang celup tepung, and many more. Yup! I was really full that night and slept like a log. huhu! but, I had forgotten that i cant eat pulut. So until now, my stomach is still kind of windy. huhu. Then, went to buy some mangoes. In case if you dont know, Perlis is well known for its Harum Manis. I bought some harum manis, and pelam tonggek. hehe. the later one was nice too. they call it as tonggek because of its shape. Bought some of that. I didnt bring my camera that day and I was so damn hungry so I didnt take any photo. I ate everything.

owh! by the way, days before that I went to Kuala perlis to eat the famous Laksa Kuala perlis...

wah! i want to type some more, but suddenly boss called me and asked me to submit report. so!... what to do!. i sign off dulu! will be back!

just a preview:

i will talk about Jus Bandrek, Movie marathon, my nephew's university offer, my Iranian speaker and lots more. Insyallah.

I m really busy now, working on a book somemore! wish me luck! weehoooooo!!!! T_T

and HATYAIIIIII! huhuhu

so when I said busy, it does mean busy! FB? gosh! where got time! but today... ALICE is calling! huhu. byee~