Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blurbing; Part 4.5: of HOT.fm and pee in public

Hola! Iam back. Let me continue on with my next episode of what happened to me yesterday. yup! Its about what happened yesterday mourning! I turned on the radio, hot.fm to be exact and Fara Fauzana was on air. She was talking about lie and liars and those who were lied! Then she opened the line for the listeners to call. Well suprisingly, I LOVE this topic so so musch, so I called. Lucky me, I made it. They put me through and there I was chatting with Fara Fauzana. Wuhuu! I 'luahkan' what ever things were on my mind and she even asked me to act with her on air. Haha! funny. I chatted with her for like 5 minutes. She did ask me to advise those people out there who loves to lie. I just simply say 'For those who have lied and are lying... just remember your time will come and please do remember the story about 'si pengembala kambing." and I said it for real. (for those who have forgotten, si penggembala kambing is about a pengembala kambing who loves to lie. He lied about his sheep being eaten by tiger and stuff. till one day, real tiger came. Since lying was his forte (his natural talent) so nobody trusts him anymore. and all his sheep were eaten by the tiger. So moral of the story, if you keep on lying, one day, people wont trust you anymore and your lie will surely ruin you.)

back to the story, after 10 minutes, I could hear my voice on air. hua hua hua! I sounded different. But ok! sounds cool! like a rock star! Yeah!.. they edited some parts and I felt glad that I made the call. Why? So that i can spread or remind everybody out there that lying is not a good thing to do. Definitely you will hurt somebody. So if you really love somebody please be true to them. Just explain the real thing. Please dont lie. It hurts a lot. 'If you really love me, please stop lying"

Monday, April 25, 2011

blurbing: part 4 : preview

Will be back for the latest update tomorrow! it will be about my call to HOT.FM!. Huhu! Cool eh! tungguuuuuu!!!!

Blurbing: Part 3- My cool last week!

Last week I managed to enjoy myself to the fullest. I am now feel rejuvenated and ready to face "come-what-may!" These were the things that I did recently aka last week!

a) Karaoke-ed!

I karok like mad last week! I and my other counterpart had great time. Melalak like mad. I lost my voice for a couple of hours and I chowed down a jug of Coke. Gosh! I sang like no other business. sampai batuk2! felt as if my lungs are popping out. But I had great time! Seriously! Now I can list all my fav and must-haves karok songs:
1. My way: Frank Sinatra.... definitely!
2. Summertime: cant remember its original singer
3. Dan Sebenarnya: Yuna
5. Mimpi yang sedih : Broery
6. Laguku Untukmu : Meet Uncle Hussein

Lalalala! lepas melalak, I felt relax! Gosh! Feel great!

b) Movie sessions

Yup! It was like months since I last watch movie. Last week I watched some great movies. Worth to mention here is Roommate. It was not that great, but many people screamed in the theater. yup! you heard it right! Well, Leighton Mister is quite ok. To say that she can take more psycho roles.. well I dont think so! Other girls can surely make it better. She can be a bitch, but a pscyho.. ah ah! not for you Rebecca! Or may be because I m too fond of her role in Gossip Girl. But definitely, again, in the movie she is the top-to-toe designer label girl. She is born that way! Other movies, well, they were ok.

c) Schwimming!

Haha! Funny! How I m into this thing. I cant swim... YET. i Bought a pair of googles. And swim is definitely for stamina! So why not! Schwimming! lala!

d) Sleeping!

OMG! I m now have become a koala! My new hobby is sleeping! MAN! I want to make it as my career! For to anybody out there who is looking for a part time 'sleeper', please call me! BTW... not in cinema mind you! Those days have gone! As a new person, I will sleep in comfort! huhu.

e) Shoppinnnnn~

Lalalala! Shopped for some interesting gear. The sale is on, so I grabbed this chance to update my wardrobe. I feel more confident now! before this I was afraid that people are going to look down on me. ya la! Pakai smart2, then drive kreta cabok! So now! hehe! the new posh me, I guess! lalala! Thinking of wearing a muffler. owh! not to forget! last week, I bought a seriously cool bandana! And for the first time in my life, I wore a bandana! Even my sister was quite shock to witness it! Well, me need to change! and me did it! owh! i wore it when I went to KL last 2 weeks. Cool! I was in the train, and it was nobody biznessss! huh!

Bought a few things for my house, for my Miss V (my new companion.. love u miss V) and definitely for myself! Love to buy more! Just wait and see. the shopaholic is back! how I wish I can go shopping with my shoppin' buddies : Ju, Mimin and Fafa. Well its my money to spend! I dont have to worry since they are all my money! I work for it, so I deserve it! Spend like nobody biznesss! So I really do realize now that i m actually livin in luxury! its my money, and I can spend it in anyway that i like. I dont use other people's money! I own it! so ... whateverrrr~ (while moving my head.. bitchy way!)

f) Masaj! (Massage!)

Yeah! will definitely go there again! Owh my! that masseure really know where to picit! wow! Mengerang kawe dibuatnya! tapi.. dalam sakit tu.. ehem... ehem... sedap! hehe.... (not a public issue to talk)

g) facial~ lalala!

I miss my beautician already! Alice is so damn beautiful! her skin is so damn fair! I think I have fallen in love with her. haha! I went there several times already, and she would call me for another session. "Jaki! Bila nak datang! Dah lama I tak jumpa you!" hehe. So last week, I went to see her. Lalala. Swipy, swipe! I dont care! I want to live my life to the fullest! Will visit her again in 2 weeks time. Or maybe after my Hatyai trip! Takut nanti sunburn then habis lah hasil sentuhan Alice ku yang ku chentai! Muah! love u Alice. Facial session is definitely a calming one. you lie there and the beautician will work on your face. I had diamond on my face, mind you! It was kind of hurt, but I was ok! Now the scars are healing! yup! true true! I m having problems with my skin now! late night sleep and work stress and stress caused by others definitely have ruined my face, But! i m gonna be occay!

h) Dating.

Should I call it as a date? well.. I dont know. I wont describe further. I malu! hehe!

i) Batu feringghi session!

Yup! went there and bought some good series. I chatted with a minah salleh there since they were talking about this series which I cant remember its title. Its about a problematic poor family and how a father is trying to keep abreast with everything. No! this is not definitely a drama! Its an awesome one. fun to watch!

I also bought Lie To Me. This is really close to me. I really want to see the gift that Allah has given me. so everything is potrayed in the series. I will definitely watch it. It is not easy to be a person who has been lied several times and you know about it. So i guess the series depicts me. A must watch!

I also bought another funny series. its about an adult who is back in school for a mission. many mishaps happened. It is kind of funny thought!

Wow! I have so many series to watch! well! with my new home entertainment system, I can just simply sit in front of it for hours. Planning to invite Hakim and the gang for a steamboat too! Dah lama x makan steamboat! With great company and pelahap like theirs, i m pretty sure the stock that i bought last week can finish within seconds. Bought some new interesting steamboat materials. and definitely it would be awesome. I m just waiting for them to finish their exam on 27th. then masa untuk hungga gungga! yeah!

j) lepaking at penang with my borneo friends

1. Alfred and Anne. huhu! the last time I met them was like 5 years ago when I attended an elocution contest at PKK. 2 weeks ago they came here to Penang! We went to Hard Rock! AGAIN! huhu! Had enjoyable chat with em. Susah nak cari those who can understand you. But they were talking about similar things as I do. Did some luahan perasan to them. Alfred, without knowing it, is actually from Kuala Penyu! Wow! I was shock to know that too. My next trip to labuan will definitely include a trip to his kampong! Planning to ask him to take me around too. And may as well ask him to take me to Pulau Tiga. My dream pulau! hua hua hua! Alfred was my roommate when I was studying before. We shared many things and he definitely cant forget about my mad obsession towards yo soy betty la fea! and he said that i watched telenovela A LOT! hish! I did not! only betty occay!

I can keep going on and on and on about how much fun I had last week and couple of weeks. But I really need to stop here.

I am planning to have an awesome getaway to Hatyai, Jakarta and Bali (Insyallah) this year! Tq for all my friends who have been there for me!

One think I have learned from my previous experience is that:

Dont trust others buy yourself!
Be not for others but for yourself!
And be merry with friends! holaaa!!

will be back tomorrow for part 4... Insyallah!

blurbing: Part 2- Hatyai Trip- plan!

Well, tallking about my trip to Hatyai, yup! I am definitely ready! I am not in the process of booking for accommodation. I am going with my 3 lovely awesome friends: Che Mat, Jaja and Mas. Huhe! These are my sincere friends. Rarely they 'break' my heart or make me feel cheated! Theyse are definitely true friends that we must look for. Sincere, thoughtful, tak kedekut and for sure they are REAL! Especially Che Mat! never dull moment if you spend time with him. He is like my buddy, brother and my bestEST friend. That is why I love to and looking fprward to travel with him. Dont let me not talk about Jaja and Mas. These are 2 awesome chicks. Chickadess! Huhu!

We are planning to spend a couple of days there in Hatyai. Jaja is really into photography and I am pretty sure that a-day trip wouldnt be enough. Probably we are going to spend 2 nights there. I am really looking forward to see 'pondan siam'. "MASAJ! MASAJ! EXTRA SERBIS 30 BAHT!" haha! auww! Insyallah, with great companion, nothing would go wrong! yeah!

My initial plan, is to stay at Grand Plaza hotel. Unfortunately, the hotel is fully booked! so I have to find another hotel! hotel Cap Ayam tak mau! I dont want my good night sleep will be interrupted with "MASAJ! MASAJ!" hoha! Now I am looking for another hotel! hope It will be ok! yeah!

We are going to either a) drive to Hatyai. or b) take a cab to Hatyai from Padang Besar! This is yet to be confirmed. Either way, we are going to calculate the budget and we are going to make sure that it will go smoothly! My ex-boss said that 'it is not advisable, but doable!" so.. I will do it!

Hatyai! please get ready! I am going to runsack you!

Blurbing: Part 1- intro, exam, plus capik!

Look! they are wearing uniform!

Please be informed that I wrote while invigilating! Please read coz I m too damn lazy to change its language structure. So just make do with it k! huhu! enjoy!!

Hola! i am invigilating and seriously I am bored. There are so many things I want to blurb about. I am pretty sure that after this, I will be doing something else. So, while I am having 'free time' and so much of ideas to blurn about, may I as well write them all here.

I am not sure lah how this system yang suddenly, drastically nak all students to answer their exam in English. to tell you the truth, ni dalam sesi ni, I have become a translator. i have to translate all therms to students. gosg! Not to say that it is a bad move, and I am not capable in doing so, but this thing happens drastically. Pity these students. They are not ready yet. Just imagine, all the terms were taught in Malay, and suddenly in exam, all those terms are being presented in English. Terbeliak mata diorang. Luckily I am an English language expert (Ehem2x! lalalala!) so, I manage to help them here and there. But, to the policy maker, please consider many influential factors before deciding to implement anything ya! This is HUGE man! Pity these students. They are in their last sem. If they kantoi, habislah. So please think twice K!

OMG! Dont let me talk about my current health status. I m now, today, officially declare that I am an OKU! huhu! Yup! it has been 2 days now. My leg! oh my! My leg! I am capik aka crippled. Hope it will recover ASAP since my Hatyai and Perlis trip is just around the corner. Yeah!

Will be contnued very-very soon! in part 2