Monday, November 14, 2011

I was tagged!

miss them a lot!!

My bro tagged me. I have never done this before. but since he asked, why not! I m not in the mood to think either!

So, here are the rules and regulation.
Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal.
Answer the question tagger set for you in their post and create 11 new questions for the people you tagged the answer.
Choose 11 people to tag the post and link them to the post.
Go to their page and tell them you have tagged him/her.. No tags back okeh?

And these are the questions I’ll need to answer (with their answers);

How ambitious are you?

I am very ambitious and I would always try to get em! 2 fulfilled, more to be materialised! Insyallah!

Do you cry at movies? if so, which movies make you cry?

Cry like hardcore? Nope! But teary eyes yes. Love You Man caused me tears since I could really feel it. Its about friendship and buddy. Yeah! could feel it!

If you could go back and change something about your high school days, what would it be?
I want to pass my PMR with flying colours so that I could be with my friends there longer. *sigh*

What does love mean to you?

It means everything to me. It doesnt only mean love to the opposite sex, it means a lot more than that. To me, love is everything! YES! EVERYTHING. Love means taking care of each other and be for each other in time of bad or good! Caring is love! Taking care of each other is definitely love! Yup! Love to me is everything!

Spender or a saver.


How important is your family to you?

Really important! I have 2 big bros, 3 sisters, 1 lil bro, a dad, my makcik, my along and angah, my anak2 sedaras and my cucus! I love them all!

How romantic are you?

I am very romantic! CAPITAL ROMANTIC!! Just dont get me start ya! hehe. If running in a train with a bouquet of flowers from KL to Johor doesnt mean romantic, then.... what is? huhu

The worst thing you ever did to your friend.


What something you know you do differently than most people?

I clean my nose with a rolled tissue like everyday! hehe.

Your biggest regret.

There is one! But regret would never build you. so just face it and walk pass it!

Why are you, you?

I m so unique and critical. I think a lot and sometimes I couldnt sleep just to think about something. I m a practical person and very determine in what I do. I m flexible, but yet aim high. I expect perfection and would always try to be such! A very motivated person, and when I said something, I really mean it. I face my problems and would always try my best to be better and better. I m unstoppable and always hold on to my principal that is...I will survive! and would always do thing in my own way! Independant indeed and.... of course...... caring! I care a lot about how people think of and about me. I m unique and difficult! that is why I am who I am!

& heres 11 things bout me,











here's my ANSWER TO a very simple questionnaire posted by my BRO. ;p

What your parents calls you?

Aki / Zaki

What your siblings calls you? (if you dont have any, consider your cousins or close relatives)
Acu / Dik ki.

What your friends calls you?

Primary: Zaki

SecondarY 1: Michael

Secondary 2: Y-men

Uni 1: Zek

Uni 2: Muhammad.

What name people usually calls you?

Zaki /Zack

Have you ever watched a horror movie alone in a dark room? if yes, what movie is it?

Yes! I cant recall since I switched it of after that!

What cartoon character suits you the best?

Owh! yes! My friend santhy said "You are so similar to spongebob since you cant just sit there doing nothing. You would always be jumping up and down, and nakal!"

Which part of yourself you hate @ dislike the most? can be body parts, or internal maybe attitude

I dont like the part where I can detect liars since it hurts A LOT!

What do you think about guys who cooks?


What do you think about girls who cant cook?


What kind of attire or clothes which you think guys should never wear?

Skinny tight jeans/ pants! Gosh! looks so like bangau! and I do think it would cause 'senak perut!"

What kind of attire or clothes which you think girls should never wear?

Bosom revealing clothing! Euwww!

Now its my turn:

1. Do you think you are so special until you look down on other people?

2. What do you think of people who pretend a lot?

3. Have you ever lied to anybody and feel no regret at all about it?

4. What is your food craving?

5. Have you ever being caught lying?

6. Have you ever judged other people wrongly?

7. Has anybody told you that you cant do something but you insisted in doing it and you finally agree with that person that you actually cant do it?

8. Who is the dearest person in your life now?

9. Have you ever caused problem to others?

10. What is the one thing you want to get rid off and why?

11. Have you ever wish that you were someone else?

Ok! Back to work!