Monday, June 28, 2010

What I have learned from Toys....

howdy folks...
Yup! I am in my office and I have tonnes of works to be completed, but I m just not in the mood to do it.. just yet.
Emotionally, I m getting better. After a terrible 'meltdown' which I faced a few weeks ago, now everything seems to be controllable. I hope I will get better... better and greater.

Well, there are so many things which I m thinking of blurbing about. As for today, I would like to share things which I think would be beneficial! Well, at least after reading this entry, some of you would like to go and watch the movie. Yup! i am talking about TOY STORY 3.

I watched it last week with my bro. We had actually had a terrible experience the first time where the screening was cancelled after the first 15 minutes it was on. We were so dissappointed. But if it did continue, I dont think I would be enjoying it to the fullest like how I did last Saturday. So, to cut the story short, GSC refunded my money and we were given 2 complimentary passes for free movie screening. Yeah! We used the first pass, and we still have one more. I will wait for my bro to redeem it.

Hmm... TOY STORY 3 was an awesome experience. I nearly cried, but.. nah! I didnt! akeke. I was emotionally involved with the storyline and the characters. If I would choose a character to represent who I am, i would claim myself as Woody - the cowboy.

Now, what I really learn from Toy Story 3? Here it goes...


These toys keep on repeating "we are going to serve Andy". It is kind of sad to think that Andy does not really need them anymore, but they keep on saying that. They even plan to be there for Andy and his children. The initial part, shows that these Toys are longing for Andy's attention since Andy is now a teen and he doesnt play with his toys anymore. These toys are kept in a chest in Andy's bedroom. Just to get his attention, these toys stole Andy's cellphone and made a miscall just to make Andy realise that they are still there. Their plan did work, but Andy is not interested to play with 'em anymore. It can be seen clearly how dissappointed these toys are. Rex, was so happy that Andy did touch him since he was the one with the cellphone.. huhu. They are so loyal.

The fact that they are toys and they are being played does not hinder them from being there for Andy. Even though there are being thrown away, being kicked, being given a mean bad character, but they just dont care since their mission is to serve Andy. They are being played, but their loyalty is still intact. Their mission, they want others to be happy. Even others dont need them, they still insist to be there, for others. :(

These toys are not sure on what lies for them in the future. They realise that Andy would never play with them anymore, so they were thinking of what to do or what might happen to them in the future. There are some preassumptions;

a) they will be kept in the attict.

b) they will be donated.

c) they will be thrown away as RUBBISH.

They wish that they will get the first option since it would be less tormenting. According to them, it would be ok to stay in the attict and have the time of their own. Even though they are not going to be played with, but at least they can be together and hopefully, one day, Andy would open their box and let his children play with them. Hopefully....! They were trying to say good things about the attict. They are talking about how good it is to stay there in the attict together with other things like Christmat tree decor etc etc. But in reality, they know that their life wouldnt be the same since, their role will diminish. They will be old and weary toys, Unkept, not needed and unplayed. :(

Second option would be ok, they will still be played, but they are not sure on what will happen to them. Where are they going to be donated? How the other children will treat them etc etc. If their new owner is kind enough, they will be treated well. But.. what if.... it is the opposite? hmm.. Life is so uncertain.

Lastly, they dont want to be thrown away as rubbish. Who would? So, we as human also dont want to be seen as rubbish. To be thrown away, and be kept as 'rubbish' and waiting for the right time to be decayed. It hurts. So I could feel them. :(

There toys really reflect reality. Its about how we should continue on living. When we lost something, we should keep on walking and continue on. Plan ahead and whatever might happen we might face them. Loyalty is the key thing here. Even if you think that you are not needed anymore, you must keep to your own role. What might happen, what will happen, nothing is going to change. Appreciate those who would be dear to us, who needs us. ... erm erm erm..

It hurts so much when your role is being replaced by others.

Yup! There is this one character in TOY STORY 3 (the pink bear -i cant recall his name) where he felt unneeded and he has become a villain. He used to be hugged, kissed and loved. Until one day, he and a couple of friend were left behind, accidently. They were trying very hard to get back to the one that is so dear to them, but their effort seem useless when finally, they realise that their role has been given or taken away by someone else, another toy. They had finally become evil and true smile has dissappeared since then. It feels really bad when what used to be yours is being taken away. It cuts deep. So. I would never do that! Insyallah. Dont "bila dapat gading bertuah, tanduk tidak berguna lagi!"

yadda yadda..

There are actually lots more. I just dont have much time to put them here. But I would recommend you to watch it. I m thinking of watching it again. Do pay attention to the last part. It means a lot. Look at those toys faces when finally Andy played with them for the last time before he departs to college. They look fullfilled and satisfied since they have been longing for his touch. I nearly cried to watch that part. They are toys, they are being played but its ok, as long as they can serve people. So , go and watch TOY STORY 3, and try to feel them and dig deep the meaning of each of their statement and of course from the storyline. Please go and enjoy the movie k.

TOY STORY 3........ I give 4.5 stars since I nearly cried. huhuhuhu...

ps: I was chucked several times by my bro. but he was wrong, I didnt fall asleep. Toy Story 3 is too beautiful to be missed.

.................................................................................. end ..........................................................................