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Tips 2: We are contributing to our own problem in the classroom!

8 Things Teachers Do To Encourage Misbehavior
by Michael Linsin on December 4, 2010

All the things I thought I knew, I'm learning again I've been tryin' to get down to the heart of the matter -Don Henley, The Heart Of The Matter
Teachers cause much of the misbehavior in their classrooms.

True, students come to class with behavior issues and personal agendas. Some are prone to misbehavior and are difficult to deal with. A few may even enjoy trying to disrupt your class.

But more often than not, the teacher is the problem.

If you were a fly on the wall of teachers who struggle with classroom management, you would find many commonalities. Among them are teacher behaviors that actually encourage students to misbehave.

Teaching is challenging enough. Putting yourself behind the eight ball by your own doing can make it unbearable.

Let There Be Light

The only classroom management-related problems that don’t have solutions are those we’re unaware of. Once illuminated, there is always a way to solve the problem or make it manageable.

In that spirit, the following list represents things teachers do unknowingly that encourage misbehavior.

1. Talking over students.

Talking over students breeds inattentiveness, side-talking, and poor listening. If your students have trouble following directions, this is often the culprit. The simple solution is to wait until you have the full attention of your class before speaking.

2. Rushing around.

Being in a hurry creates tension in the classroom, causing restlessness, excitability, and poor behavior. This common mistake is easily corrected by trimming the fat from your curriculum, being better prepared, and then slowing down.

3. Answering call-outs.

Answering students who don’t raise their hand encourages disrespect and communicates to your students that your classroom management plan is no longer valid. Condition yourself not to respond no matter who asks a question or how insightful it may be.

4. Moving on.

Continuing with lessons or instructions when students are inattentive–or worse–lets them know that less than their best is good enough. Wait until your students are giving you exactly what you want before moving on.

5. Negative thinking.

Negative thoughts about students always bubble to the surface–body language, tone of voice, sarcasm–causing resentment, misbehavior and, ultimately, revenge. Choose to see the best in your students… and that’s what they’ll give you.

6. Irritability.

Showing frustration, taking behavior personally, reacting emotionally. These self-sabotaging behaviors will weaken your influence and undermine your ability to control your classroom. Instead, keep your cool and lean heavily on your classroom management plan.

7. Clutter.

Classroom clutter shows a lack of pride that rubs off on students and leads to unwanted behavior–the broken windows theory at work. A pin-neat, attractive classroom, on the other hand, is congruent with, and transfers to, values like hard work, neatness, respect, and character.

8. Self-defeat.

Believing that students decide whether or not you have a good class is a belief that virtually eliminates the possibility of creating the teaching experience you really desire. The fact is, we create the class we want, not our students.

The Heart Of The Matter

These eight teacher behaviors cut straight to the heart of why so many teachers struggle with classroom management.

Rules and procedures. Incentives and consequences. They’re important, to be sure.

But they alone are not the answer.

You must get to the heart of the matter, which is deeper than stickers, strategies, charts, or time-outs. It’s more than outside circumstances. More than names on a roster.

The heart of the matter is YOU!!

Some good tips. No 1: No Shush!

I'm really interested in classroom management issues. This focuses on how you can control your students and how you make the best of the class period. While browsing some articles for my next project, I found these informative points. So for all educators out there... just scroll down and learn, ok!

Why You Shouldn’t Shush Your Students; And What To Do Instead
by Michael Linsin on May 21, 2011

When you hear a teacher shushing students, it’s a good sign things aren’t going well.

Behind tight shoulders, tired eyes, and index finger poised over puckered lips, you’ll find a teacher struggling to keep his or her head above water.

Shushing students to quiet them down is associated with shaky-at-best classroom management, chronically distracted students, and a mountain of stress.

And because it becomes progressively less effective the more you do it, shushing promises more and more frustration as the school year rolls on.

Though not as self-sabotaging as yelling or scolding, shushing similarly makes teachers less likeable with students.

It also makes you look like you don’t know what you’re doing.

Follow the steps below and you’ll never feel the need to shush, hush, or plead for silence again.

1. Decide

Before starting any activity, decide the voice level you want from your students. It’s important you consider this ahead of time. After all, if you don’t know what you want, your students won’t know either.

2. Model

Gather your students around you and model precisely the voice level you expect. Make your modeling exercise as detailed and realistic as you can. Your students need to see and experience what you want before it makes sense to them.

3. Practice

Ask your students to turn to the student(s) next to them and discuss their favorite movie or other topic using the voice level you modeled. Have them practice and prove to you they understand what you expect.

4. Observe

Good teachers observe a lot to make sure their expectations are being met. Start your activity and monitor their voice level closely—especially within the first several minutes.

5. Stop

If at any time their voice level gets louder than your expectation, instead of shushing your students, stop the activity by signaling for their attention. Do this whenever they exceed the level you’ve asked for.

6. Remind

After getting your students attention, remind them what the voice level expectation is and put them on notice that if anyone goes beyond it, there will be a consequence—as promised by your classroom management plan.

7. Enforce

Listening and following directions should be one of your classroom rules. As such, if any single student is unable or unwilling to keep his or her voice level as modeled and practiced, then enforce a consequence.

Note: With group discussions, voice levels tend to increase as students attempt to talk over the other voices in the room. If it becomes loud enough to distract individual groups, simply stop them, ask them to take a few deep breaths, and then restart the activity. Do not, however, enforce a consequence.

8. Standardize

Consider standardizing the speaking levels in your classroom. For example:

Level 0: No Talking
Level 1: Whispering
Level 2: Small Group Discussion
Level 3: Whole Class Sharing
Create a small poster for reference and before every activity say simply, “For the assembly today, we’re at level zero.”

Effective At Any Grade

It may take a week or two for your students to get the hang of it. But when they do, controlling noise and voice levels in your classroom is easy and becomes something you never really have to think about.

Setting voice level expectations—for partner sharing, group work, browsing in the library, or just a walk across campus—through the super-effective one-two combination of detailed modeling and student practice works at any grade level.

And it’s so much more effective than having no clear picture of what you want, no expectation to model for your students, and no sound strategy to modulate the voices in your classroom…

Other than a great big ugly, “Shhhh!”

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Confession of a single working guy!

Yeah! That is true. I have a confession to make. I m DAMN busy. I even am doing my work now. It is 8 pm and I m still in the office. It has been 4 consequitive days that I am being the 'penunggu' of this office.

Guess what? I have many things to be done. And out of a sudden, I am now a leader, a project manager, a coordinator for so many things. Just imagine. They are all not easy. With proposals, with books, projects, presentations, coordinations.... i m now going crazy! i m like the busiesnt staff in the office.

Yesterday morning I had a fight with a technician from the photocopying company. He swore to me in Mandarin. Then I replied. And last night... had a fight with my bro! My words seems to be accepted wrongly, and my so called try to cheerish him, turned out to be disastrous. And his mood was not good too since he had his problems too. So last night, we brothers had a fight! A big one. But, being the elder brother, I wouldnt just let things to get worse. I said my sorry. i m not sure whether he will forgive me. but I do hope 'air dicincang takkan putus.' So sorry bro. T_T

last night didnt have enough sleep either. Woke up several times. Had terrible dreams and being awaken by some smses late at night from some people.. then... the world ended and continues this morning... sighs!

today.. i skipped lunch! i just couldnt eat. Just to think about my piling works, my argument with my bro, my health prob, my personal problem, and other issues... just get my blood goes up and up and UP!!!!!! and HEADACHE!

today, after my 2-hour class, I sit here, at my table, and refuse to get up. I got away from the table just for a cup of air suam and toilet and solat. the rest... here I am. glued to this seat.

Oh ya.. what makes me update my blog while I ve got so many things to do? coz i feel so terrible. i just need to tell somebody how terrible I am now. Wanna tell my bro, but surely he is still mad at me. Hope he is fine and enjoying his time there. so here, I am blogging for like 5 minutes.

there are so many swear words I would like to shout out aloud now, but I just cant coz I am alone, and I dont want pak guard (while doing his routine 'roaming') would hear me and think that i have gone mad!

I have to let it out anyway.. so here it goes....

FUCK.... FUCK.... FUCK!.... FUCK!....FUCK!.... FUCK!

Friday, July 8, 2011

I have been Quite Quiet!

Mua in action!~ lalala

I m caught with so many things. Yup! I havent logged in to my FB account for like weeks. I m so busy with so many things. I travelled a lot lately. From Penang to Ipoh to Seremban to Shah Alam to Seremban to KL to Penang to Kuala Lipis to Penang to Seremban to KL to Seremban to Lenggeng to Seremban to Lenggeng to Malacca to Seremban to Malacca to Seremban to KL to Penang. Pheww! Luckily I have miss V with me.

Yup! Miss V has a lil' sister now! Missy V. Hoho! I hope Missy V will be taken care of carefully. And I m sure she will be good!

I have got another big project involving thousands of people. I m glad that I managed to enjoy my 'holiday' lately. *Enjoy ke? ahaks*. (^0^)

Watched many movies. Transformers was the last one. Watched it at Times Square. but I didnt enjoy it that much. why? coz the 3D spectacle didnt suit my current being.. I mean bespectacled! I had to keep on adjusting it to ensure that it wont fall down... if not.. I will be seeing the frame of that 3D spect all the time.. and since the cinema is SOOO BIG, people kept on going in and out of the cinema. I dont blame them though! It was a 3-hour movie! what do you expect! and... sadly, i felt asleep! haha.

erm... Witnessed some things which I PRAY would never happen again. I do hope that person would think wisely before doing something that would put him in a mess. Think and think again before doing something. Learn from the past please!

Financially, I think, I m doing ok. (o_o)

Career wise, going strong....but... I hate it so much when people start labelling me with labels like:

"Boss's pet!"
"The Most Important Staff" etc etc..

Stop labelling people please.

My sun-burned skin is getting better. Still itchy and scratchy! but getting better.

Lately feel so lonely. Dont blame me, I had a company for nearly a month. So to get use to it.. needs time.

I m fasting today. It has been 3 consequtive days. Today is my last day! Yeay! What's for brekky? seriously no idea!

I want to bla bla bla on the movies that I have watched but, I m so not in the mood to describe loooooong about things. Want to know more just go to :


you will find them all there. Owh, by the way... suddenly this song comes out in my playlist.. so... read the lyrics and feel it...

MALAM- M.Nasir

Bila rinduku bertambah dalam
Kau datang lagi dengan kenangan
Oh! betapa dinginnya malam ini

Bila malamku bertambah kelam
Seribu kisah melintas mata
Dan malam ini sungguh mencengkam

Bila malam
Tiap kali ku pandang semalam
Resahku sering menjadi dendam
Hatimu ku rasakan dingin

Dan malam
Adalah masa yang membawa kesan
Pada diriku yang kesepian
Kini ku tenggelam
Di bawah alunan ombak malam
Oh! malam

Bila malam
Tiap kali ku pandang semalam
Resahku sering menjadi dendam
Hatimu ku rasakan dingin

Dan malam
Jika dikau dapat bicara
Katakanlah pada hamba
Mengapa dia pergi membawa hati ini
Oh! mengapa
Oh! Malam

Ok! Must get back to work! this entry is just for my short break from falling asleep. Have been sitting here since 8.00am working on my book. Brain got jammed, so I bla bla bla here.

By the way, tmrw and the day after tmrw will be my working day! yeay!!!!!!