Thursday, October 28, 2010

I m 30, I m busy BUT I m happy

Salam. It has been ages since my last post. Well I guess, now I m back. I have so many to spill about. About my bday, about courses that I handled, about my health, about this about that. But in all I would say that turning 30 is not a bad thing after all. I m much happier now. Things have got back to normal me. I was lost for a while, but now I m ok. I m the usual me. I was lost for nearly 2 years. Now... I back. The old Zack is back. Yes! I would want it to be that way.

How I wish I could spill everything here, but I just cant. maybe.. MAYBE in my other blog... somewhere.... you can read all about it. haha. But DEFINITELY not here. huhu.

My new hobby now is reading. My friend recommended me to read Dont Be Sad by Dr 'Aidh bin Abdullah Al-Qarni. I bought the book and still am reading it. It is so inspirational. I found this quote, which I think worth sharing...

"Wahai masa lalu yang telah berlalu dan selesai, tenggelamlah seperti mataharimu. Aku tak akan pernah menangisi pemergianmu, dan kamu tidak akan pernah melihatku termenung sedetik pun untuk mengingatimu. kamu telah meninggalkan kami semua pergi dan tidak akan kembali"

"Wahai masa depan, engkau masih dalam keghaiban! Maka aku tidak akan pernah bermain dengan khayalan dan menjual diri hanya untuk sebuah dugaan. Aku pun tidak bakal memburu sesuatu yang belum tentu ada, kerana esok hari mungkin tidak ada sesuatu; esok hari adalah sesuatu yang belum diciptakan dan tidak ada satu pun darinya yang dapat disebutkan"

"Hari ini adalah milikmu"

There are many more. I got 2 batik bookmarks as my bday present, so I use them wisely.

FB? It has been 2 weeks since I last logged on to it. I dont know why I suddenly feel so lazy to use it! For now I think I would prefer to be lost in books. I will get back to my FB really soon. I do miss Latip and Kyuti, but I will get back to them later.

A cat peed on my shoes. Shit! I need to buy a new pair of shoes. Damn! (~_~)"

Luckily Jusco sale in on and Parkson too. So... shoppinggggg time~!!!

The old zack is back. And he is here to stay!..