Monday, March 15, 2010

This song touches me DEEP now! At this very moment!

"When You're Gone"

I always needed time on my own
I never thought I'd need you there when I cry
And the days feel like years when I'm alone
And the bed where you lie is made up on your side
When you walk away I count the steps that you take
Do you see how much I need you right now


When you're gone
The pieces of my heart are missing you
When you're gone
The face I came to know is missing too
When you're gone

The words I need to hear to always get me through the day and make it ok
I miss you
I've never felt this way before
Everything that I do reminds me of you
And the clothes you left, they lie on the floor
And they smell just like you, I love the things that you do
When you walk away I count the steps that you take
Do you see how much I need you right now


We were made for each other
Out here forever
I know we were, yeah
All I ever wanted was for you to know
Everything I'd do, I'd give my heart and soul
I can hardly breathe I need to feel you here with me, yeah

Thursday, March 4, 2010

of my bro and his talentime..

Hallo... I cant sit still tonight since I got to know that my bro is going to participate in a karaoke competition aka Talentime at his college. I was waiting for him to give me green light to call him just wanna give him some advice. Today, I did call him. I was in my class when we gave me the green light to call, so I gave my students a task to work on, and I made a quick call to my bro. He will be singing 2 songs ( 1 malay, 1 english). English song would be his forte, so I have no need to worry! However, malay song would be a problem to him. He loves Faizal Tahir, however, I keep on asking him not to sing Faizal's song since they are all very high and they need the singer to push their lungs out (figuratively ok!).

I sang with my bro several times, obviously I dont have the singing talent. But I know a thing or two about singing ok. My bro has a very jazzy clean voice. Very nice. However he can ot sing high note. When it reaches high note, his voice becomes so tight. And my bro's personality too. he is not the jumping up and down type of guy! he is very decent! Even during our karok session, he would control his movement. In contrast, I would be running up and down the sofa! haha. that is so me!

Well to tell you the truth, when I was still young ( YEARSSSSSSS) ago, I did praticipate in a singing competition. Singing used to be my forte! I was ketua nasyid ok! I had my own nasyid group. It was yearssss ago! for the competition, I did not win. I fought with another competitor since he stole my song! Grr...! After that, when I reach maturity, I loose the ability so sing since my voice has become croaky! hehe. That's the truth.

Ok... back to my bro's case. Tonight he will be singing and he has no idea on what to wear! Well obviously I m the one who always commented on his dressing, so today I advised him on what to wear. He insisted in wearing a berel. So I had to include the berel in his to-wear list!

However, he has to sing in front of the library and there is no place for him to get change. I couldnt stop thinking about it and hoping that he would call me again so we can discuss the matter over.

Just now, around 8 something while I was vacuuming my house, I checked my hp and I received an sms from him, asking about what to wear! I was lost! I couldnt really imagine him in the shirt that he described to me. I really need to see him so that I can comment. He tried to mms his photos wearing those shirts, unfortunately, those mms failed to reach me. Suddenly, I got an idea. I dug in my wardrobe and tada! These are the result!

This is my first suggestion! But this is rather tedious since he has to change his shirt.

This is the set that we have decided for English song. He will wear a berel together with this set.

This is the set for his malay song! huhu! He might be wearing a berel too.

These, however, would be my own imagination and rendition! I m waiting for the real photo from him..

By the way, all the best bro. I know you love it so much! yup! you and singing can be NEVER separated. You need to practice more, i mean Malay song! And I am willing to accompany you! Jom karok!

By the way.. I m so sorry bro since during CNY we did not have proper karok session ,where you could have practiced for your competition. I am terribly sorry. T_T

Tonight, I m losing my voice. Why? Sore throat and heavy coughing.


Insyallah! ^_^

P/s: My bro is going to compete, but I am the one who has shivers down to my spine. How i wish I could be the and support him.... owh yes... with a banner and not to forget my loud wail..... GOOOOOOOOOOOO CIPOLLLLLLLLL! haha