Thursday, November 11, 2010

I hate goodbyes!

Dear All

Sem ni mmg banyak cabaran aku hadapi, tp aku dah jadi stronger due to all these challenges. Becoming 30 is not as easy as I thought and it is indeed not as difficult or daunting as i have imagined - or may be i dont really savour its taste yet?.

Yes. As I am now 30 i go out more. I rarely spend time at home alone. I would prefer to just walk blankly or just do some window shopping. FYI.. i would always do such masa early 20s dulu. As time passes, i got bored and i just drifted away.

hmm... lately I draw myself closer to my students. Yup. I m enjoying myself in my classes. Among them all, there are 5 students which have become close to me.

Last night, since they are all going home today, they called me just to hang out with me. Well.. it has been years since I last hangnout with students. Some of my ex students which have become close to me would include Yazid and my bro Fendi. They were my friends when I was in Kulim.

Now, this sem, I have got 5 new 'friends'. Last night went to Kambeng, ate there. They wanted to treat me. haha. Pity them, i wanted them to celebrate the ending of their sem 1, but unfortunately i have forgotten that they dont have $$. So, I didnt order much. let them eat. After that, took them to watch movie. It was an awesome movie and they did say that it was good to end the sem that way. I treated them movie tics. We were a bit late. Pak guard didnt let them enter, so I took them home. They slept at my place.

Today, just now, they came to see me. i thought they wanted to borrow my car since they are going to move from their hostel to their new rental. But I was wrong. They came to see me just to say goodbye. I was.... touched. Indeed. They said they wont be seeing me for 3 weeks. And they indeed want to spend more time with me next sem. Well guys! Sure! let us go somewhere and enjoy! I was planning to take them to Sedim. Insyallah. They have also offered me to come to their place and stay at theirs. Insyallah. I have to prob, just that I m not sure when will be going to their places. But who knows...

Among them, there is this chatty and kuat merapu one. Hakim. He helped me to mark my exam papers. haha. I was so busy so I asked his help.

But.. on top of all, I m really bad at departure. I dont know how to act and what to do. I would always want to skip the 'goodbye' session. Coz to me, goodbye is like the ending of everything. So I refuse to bid farewell to anybody. So just now, I didnt know what to do when they purposely came to my office just to bid goodbye. *Sigh* I can impress people with my social skill but it is really hard for me to attend departures.

I still remember, these are 5 students which I scolded a few months back for coming late to my class. These are the students which I asked to sit outside of the class. haha. Funny. yet now they draw closer to me.

They are on their way home now. Yup guys! thanks for the treat and thanks for the laughter. Hakim, Zaid, Zul, Rashid and Zabir see you next sem... in one piece ya.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sharing is caring...

LA TAHZAN (Dont be sad!) by Dr 'Aidh bin 'Abdullah Al-Qarni is indeed an inspirational book. I can keep on and on and on quoting his words. Here I share some which have made me become more forgiving and cool. Remember how bad people made you feel, just believe that Allah is there for you.

So here some worth sharing quotes...

"Sesungguhnya emosi yang tidak terkendali hanya akan meletihkan. Sebab, ketika seseorang sedang marah misalnya, maka kemarahannya akan meluap dan sukar dikendalikan. Dan itu akan membuat seluruh tubuhnya gementar, mudah memaki siapa sahaja, seluruh hatinya tertumpah ruah, dan akan cenderung bertindak mengikut nafsunya. Sekiranya dia mengalami kegembiraan, dia menikmatinya secara berlebihan, mudah lupa diri dan tak ingat lagi siapa dirinya"

"Begitulah manusia; ketika sedang bermusuh dengan seseorang, dia cenderung megherdik dan mencelanya, dan melupakn seluruh kebaikan orang yang tidak dia sukai itu begitu sahaja. Demikian pula ketika dia menyukai orang lain, dia akan segera melupakan kekurangannya, bahkan orang itu akan terus di a puja dan sanjung setinggi-tingginya seolah tiada cacat celanya."

"Cintailah sesuatu yang kamu cintai sekadar sahaja, kerana biasa jadi suatu hari nanti ia akan menjadi sesuatu yang kamu benci; dan bencilah sesuatu yang kamu benci sekadarnya sahaja, kerana biasa jadi suatu hari nanti ia akan menjadi sesuatu yang kamu cintai"

"Barangsiapa mampu mengawal emosinya, mengendalikan aqalnya dan menimbang segalanya dengan benar, maka ia akan mudah melihat kebenaran, mengetahui petunjuk dan memutuskan sesuatu dengan benar"

" Jangan kau salahkan orang merindu dengan kerinduannya sehingga kau mampu menyelami jiwanya"

So do question yourself why such thing happened to you. Everything happens for a reason. :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Photos and their stories...

I had to drink lots of this just to make sure that the stone in my kidney would be dissolved.

This was the report made by the doctor. I also found out that I have an abnormal kidney. hehe. I am abnormal and I do think that I deserve OKU card. hehe.

I was asked to wear this for my MRI scan. They put me through a doughnut with very beautiful moving lights. Suddenly the nurse said "Saya tak biasa pakai benda ni!" I was WTF??? hehe. I survived the radiation. I do think that now I am a mutant! X-MEN here I come!

Look at this cat! I bro owns this cat! It looks so fierce and brutal. But in reality he is a coward. Scared even to get out of the house. But look at him. so AUMMM!!! but actually meow meow!

I was so stressed out, so I went for a facial relaxation treatment. It consisted of several courses. a) Enzime treatment. B) Diamond treatment C) rejuvenating treatment. The person who did this to me was so cute. Felt like taking that amoi home. She is actually from my kampong and she has been working for this premise for several months. I will DEFINITELY see her again. Amoi!!!! Amoi cantik! Amboi!!!

A gallery restaurant at Jitra which serves expensive Tomyam. Hehe. I tried it once and the taste of its tomyam is similar to the restaurant's near my house.

I stayed at this hotel. Cosy but cheap. My ex-students are working here too. Lousy breakfast. Hard bed, yet ok for its price. I was ok for a day. Then when the swearing occurred, I felt like burning the hotel down even though it was not its fault and it had nothing to do with it. Remember: you may swear to other people and felt nothing about it. Just wait until one day somebody swear at you, at you would 'taste' it yourself. Best of luck!

This was the thing that I ate at RFC, Jitra.

The burger was OK. Organic.. mind you!

Love the chicken, I didnt feel 'muak' eating it since it is organic. Less fat and no yucky feeling.

I ate this ice cream when I was in Jitra. Yup! I went to RFC or Radix Fried Chicken. 100% halal fastfood outlet. But trust me, I didnt have enough. The chicken was different since they were organically breed.

This is RFC. As you can see, it is opened under HPA Sdn Bhd, a muslim owned franchaise.

I decorated my mum's house with this, that night, just to kill time since that house was so quiet. I did this.

This one too. I was imagining my mum in the kitchen cooking for me that night. But, obviously, she was not around.

Pity this kitty. He had been following me. I couldnt keep him since I was on my way to Jitra. Pity him. He is now nowhere to be found.

We ate this! wuhuhuhuhu! Delish!

Pamper myself with fish spa! I love going to spa lately! pamper myself! I m 30 and definitely I m happy!

Doctor forbits me from eating seafood. Anis, Ili, Jaja and a friend asked me to join them for CRAB session. Gosh! Delish! Ate 2 crabs and got rashes after that. Nevermind. Life is too great to be wasted.

My wall looks crowded eh? need to do something about it.

My trip to kl with my bro during Ramadhan.