Monday, February 14, 2011



I couldn't take it anymore when dealing with unmotivated students. We planned so many things and then it turned out they didn't even appreciate it.

today I exploded in the class and left 15 mins early 'coz I know if I prolong my stay there, I will definitely swear to them! Gosh! They are not motivated to learn at all. Didn't pay attention and didn't even serious in class.

I had great time last sem handling the same module, but this sem, the students are so.., LAZY and UNMOTIVATED!

Just imagine, there are 32 students and only 10 are willing to buy the dictionary. And the rest just share with each other! Gosh! they are really testing me. How can they study in such? The dictionary is their text book, the main material for their class. But they don't even have one. they share! Gosh! I still remember last week that I inform them earlier that they need to use their dictionary in the weeks to come, but they didn't respond.

Today, 6 students share a dictionary! So how are they going to learn in such situation.

Argh! I m pissed off and YES! ITS MONDAY!!!! F**K!!!!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

just wanna say.......


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Secret VS Suprise

Wassup? I m doing good. What about you? I hope that you would be in the pinkest of health.

I m going to attend a battle, really-really soon. So please pray for me ya since I have nobody to turn to and ask them to pray for me, so I hope you (my dear fair blog surfers) would pray for me, who ever you are. It is not easy to be me. I have to face many battles. Some I have won, but some are still uncertain. Yup, alone I would face them all since I have nobody to turn to.

Ok. Somebody hates me for a suprise which I kept for a few days. That person said that I love to keep secret. And I do think that is the reason why that person hates me so much. I kept the thing from that person as for a suprise, but the person sees it differently.

I think it is of a good intention if i were to keep a secret for a while and later make it as a suprise. This would be a good way to shock others. The case here is somewhat similar to planning for a suprise birthday party. It wouldnt be great if the targetted person would know that we are planning to suprise him or her in that party. It wont be a suprise anymore. When you bought something, and you keep it in your closet as not to let others know you have bought it is a good example of a suprise secret, and I do think there is nothing wrong in doing so. So I do think that the person who planned for the suprise shouldnt be blamed for his intention to do so. Like buying a new car. You wouldnt let the world know that you are buying a new car since if the world knows, it wouldnt be a suprise anymore. People would view you as a boastful. Do you want that to happen?

Dont you like suprises? It would be great if you suddenly see somebody and he suprise you for something. This would be an element of suprise. The act of punishing somebody for his intention to suprise somebody is so unacceptable. you should love him, NOT hate him!

So, to that person out there, stop punishing others if his or her intention is to suprise you. You should thank him or her for doing so cause at least you can experience the suprise. He meant you no harm and he did no sin. What about you?

Forgive me. Thanks!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

SMS at 4.44 a.m!!!

(This is Saipul Afzan - during his active years)
I received an sms at 4.44 am today informing me that *Saipul Afzan Bin Ghafar (a colleague that I got to know when I worked at Kulim) passed away after suffering from viral infection.

I was a indeed a wake up call. I still remember him being an active person where he would lead students to do 'senamrobik' and all. He is into choir too. I still remember how I hated the way he dressed especially his long and pointy shoes.

Anyway, that was not the reason why I finally (after longgggg absence) start yadda-yaddaing here in my blog. Let us talk about death@ departure and how people can change in just a swift!

This is the thing that I m scared of.

A state which we would have to face several times in a lifetime. I hate departures! I hate saying goodbye. I just hate it SO much!

Transformation process that we have to endure. Change your hairstyle. Change your car. Change your attitude. Change job.. etc etc. Some change for good, but some would be the opposite. It would be great if the change (for good) is for real and for sure. What if the change is just temporary? Like changing a flat tyre and later it will puncture again. and like changing your t-shirt after a very sweaty workout and later you continue on working out? What if it is just an act just to mock around? Like when you change your good natured attitude just to ensure that somebody that you hate would 'termakan cili'? What if people put their two faced mask and pretend? Like when you are with your bosses. You act as if you are an angel in front of him / her and later you put your horns back? All this questions haunt me. I do hope that it is not just a tell-tale that I have heard all this while. and obviously boooorriiiiiinngggg~

Anyway, back to the sms that I received earlier today. Did you realize that I received that sms at 4.44 am? According to Chinese beliefs, '4' is a very nasty number since the pronounciation of the word sounds like 'die!' And Chinese would try to avoid having no 4 (car reg number etc) in their life @ businesses. So, that sms is a shocker. But Anyway, since I m not a Chinese, so I dont give a damn about all those things. It is just a coincidence! huhu! merely a coincidence.

I have a lot of things to write. But I m too damn lazy to be sitting in front of the PC and type my heart out! I M A PRODUCTIVE PERSON! get it??

*Anyway Al-Fatihah to him. May Allah bless him.
hehe. trudalooooo!