Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happieeee new year!!!!!


That is one word that can summarize my day! haha!. i would love to stay at home watch movies or do stuff which would make me feel relax.

I got an MC yesterday. I had stiff neck! The doctor said you should relax more/ So here i am trying to relax.

My neck has got better. Just that I was not in the mood to go to office. Nothing much to be done. Other people would go to the office play carrom la, play computer games la. For me. it would be heaven if I can go and watch movieS. So yesterday, I went to Penang, met a friend there (OJAI) and went to Queensbay for a movie.

We were planning to watch AVATAR ( i m not really interested actuallly), but unfortunately (YEAYY!) no more seats available. So we watched Alvin and the chipmunks instead!. wuhuhu! Not bad, those chipmunnks are so cute. How I wish I can squish them.

Then lepak with OJAI at a food court near Seagate. I have never eaten there before. But to cut short, I layan je. The food was not that good. Maybe we chose wrong stall kot. Anyway... kenyang la jugak. Borak2 ngan OJAI, then around 10 something I went home.

Cypol mad at me since I didnt wait for him to watch alvin and the chipmunks together. But I m so sorry cypol! We will definitely watch other movies k. So just come back home asap.

I m looking forward for many interesting movies in 2010. One of them would be Smurf! I hope it is going to be a huge one. Not just tiny blue crawly thing which can speak only.

2009 is going to end! yeay!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

poo-ing like pee-ing!

Howdy! I m back after a few days of suffering. As might be some of you guys know that I would usually have terrible headache and back pain. On Monday, I went for a medical checkup. TU pun selepas dipaksa oleh kakak ku. (Thanks cikpah!) lagipun, I was demam on Sunday and my headache struck lagi! Since I got an MC given by KLINIK KUMARI -the only clinic in Parit Buntar which opens after 5pm on Sunday- , so i use the chance to go to a renowned private hospital in penang. So, this blog would describe my experience these few suffering days... like what I might call it!

Kalau korang tak tau, aku mmg dah lama sakit kepala, only that recently je it gets worse bila tetiba je dunia ku jadi gelap and telinga ku jadi berdesing. Kadang2 masa tengah drive. So risau la. aku kan ke masih mude. Then pinggang ku mmg sakit! dah lama juga. Aku ingat just sakit biasa je la. Then bila kakak aku tahu, dia pun bising suruh g check. Dia ambil cuti 1 hari coz nak temankan aku. ye la. aku ni demam lagi pada hari isnin. AKu sangat takut kena denggi or cikugunya (thanks cipol!). Bukan apa, aku takut kalau tetiba sakit next week aku tak dapat g KL. waa.a.a.a.a abis la!. so i cant afford to fall sick. :(

so I will literally tell my weekend of sickness here. starting from Saturday, ait!


I went to penang to send my microwave to samsung center sebab dah rosak. Since kalau nak repair sendri kena dalam 300++. Baik la aku beli baru kalau harga sampai mcm tu. Aku beli aritu pun tak sampai 300. So pegila ke sana sebab ada warranty lagi. Masa kat sana Jaja call ajak g lunch ngan Su. So aku pun ngikut le.. lepas tu balik kampung and still no sign of sickness.


I went to pasar minggu di kampung. Still ok, takde masalah apa. Pegi pasar, balik umah. Then aku kuar balik coz ada barang yang tak dibeli tadi. Masa ni aku masih ok. Then the drama started masa aku sedang memilih bawang kat kedai anne. Tetiba aku rasa sangat susah nak tunduk. Pinggang aku jadi sangat sakit, infact satu badan jadi sakit and lemah. masa tu dalam pukul 11-12 tghari kot. Aku gagahi juge. tapi lama-lama aku tak tahan, aku terus masuk kereta and balik. Bila balik, aku dah jadi sangat teruk, kepala sakit, badan panas, and aku telan panadol and baring. Dalam kull 2 aku sedar, and dah berpeluh. aku makan mandi solat. Tapi masih lagi badan rasa tak ok. aku bersiap2 nak balik permatang pauh, tapi aku rasa sangat letih. Aku tido jap, and again, badan aku jadi sakit2 and suhu badan aku naik. Aku tangguh niat nak balik. malam tu pegi klinik and dapat MC. Doc cakap takde pape. Maybe aku sakit pinggang tanda nak jadi batu karang. aku pun terima je laa. Tapi kakak aku tak puas hati, dia ajak g check kat spital.


Seawal pukul 7 kami dah bertolak ke Penang. aku tak drive sebab aku masih tak ok. Sampai je ke sppital, huish! ramaila pulak orang! tak sangka la hospital swasta pun ramai. Tapi mmg glamer la spital tu kat penang. Hospital Lam Wah Ee. Tapi to tell you the truth I have never heard of the hospital before. Kakak aku la ni. Dia ramai kenalan cina. One thing for sure kiri kanan aku semua orang indon. Kakak aku kata maybe dorang ni majikan hantar untuk checkup. Tapi aku tak percaya kerana melihatkan cara dorang pakai baju mmg bukan mcm maid, ada yang beg LV, Gucci, Kasut pun branded beb. And bukan nampak mcm beg celup. Lepas tu, aku sembang la dengan 2-3 orang indon ni. And guess what, dorang datang Msia just untuk berubat di Hospital tu. Wauwauwau! tak sangka plak such thing ada, maknanya hospital tu glamer juga di Indon.....

eh.. nak kuar jap. sambung later

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Shuu... Shuu.. Grumpy Zaki!

Many things have happened to me lately. Some are good, while MOST of them are bad. Just wanna write something here.

(taken from

Well, I am pretty sure that I am SO over my ex. I m now ready for a new relationship. Talking about new relationship, I am actually eyeing a girl. Huhu. Well nothing much to say, but she seems to give me green light too. I guess it will work if I move a step further, just that I dont want to be too pushy and abrupt. I want to see what is going to happen. However, one thing for sure, this time around i am going to be bold.

She seems to be a nice girl. Loves to chat, and I enjoy chatting or smsing with her. However, she can be a bit blunt and daring. But, who knows her other side kan? I really wanna try, but my friends asked me to hold on, and wait and see first. I havent feel like this since.. well.. since my ex got married ( its ok, now, confirm I M SOOOO OVER HER!)

Career wise, things are not so good actually. ProblemS here and there. I am trying my best to mend all the problems that I have, and hoping that I m going to smell success. Huhu!

Today I was so depressed since I lost students' marks and their test. I was swearing all day long and I said to myself "I am a F***ing LOSER. I have lost my luck". Before this my boss would always refer me as Lucky Zaki, now I guess, I must write UNlucky Zaki> huhu. I m trying my best to find and get my lucky charm back.

By the way, I m smiling and start to laugh again. I am hoping that the old happy go LUCKY zaki will come back to me> I enjoy his company< now the grumpy zaki sucks badly! I laughed loudly yesterday. Fly.FM made me smile. Gile best! I adore Jules and Nadia. Bothe these girls seem to be so playful and fun, how I wish I can be their friend, I will surely have so many things to laugh at!

On monday afternoon, Jules and Prem were discussiong on how to make us face monday blues. Prem pointed that, in order to chase away monday blues, we must pretend to laugh loud, and it does mean loud. Not just hehehe, or huhuhu. It should be HA HA HA kind of laugh. It works. I tried while i was driving to Penang. I was pretending to laugh, however my pretended laugh turned to be real since, other drivers were looking at me and gave me the "What The...?" look. Haha. Then, I laughed. Haha. However, jules la, made me laugh some more. Ha ha ha ha. "Prem.. you are ugly! HA hA HA HA!" Funny. Guys, do listen to Fly.FM. Their morning and evening crew would always made me smile. Phat Fabes, Nadia, Ben (morning crew) and Prem and Jules (Evening crew). At night pun not bad. Hafiz and basil can be very naughty at times, however, they rock!

What else eh? Owh.. I m on diet now. My friends said that I am crazy. they said I am skinny enough and why on earth I want to loose weight? Well the answer is simple, I want to be slim. Huhu! Come on I am 29! I must take care of my ageing body!

Cipol is so busy lately. He rarely replies my sms. I m not satisfied most of the time, but I must understand that he is playing a role in making his brother and sister's wedding a success. Maybe after this he will 'kacau' me like he used to. Bosan bila tak ada orang nak di ganggu. Cipol my bro.. if you happen to read this.. i hope you are going to sms me like u used to k.

Hmm.. I guess i m done here, I mean for today! maybe tomorrow i will write some more.

Adios amigos!